A Fashionista’s Christmas Tree
December 5, 2007

My boyfriend and I are spending our first Christmas together. In many ways, this is a big deal for me. I don’t have a nice Christmas memories of my own, for a lot of different reasons.

Christmas has always been a huge fighting issue in my family. My boyfriend, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about celebrations. After years of spending Christmas alone and spending them working, he’s ambivalent about it.

This year, we’re trying to start a tradition of our own. Starting with getting ourselves a small Christmas tree to decorate together. So while he’s away on work trip this past few weeks, I’ve been spending some of my scarce free time window shopping for trees.

What I really want is the Wilhemina’s White Christmas tree as shown in the Ugly Betty’s Fake White Snow.

Wilhemina's Xmas Tree

The white Christmas tree itself is not what I’m focusing on…it’s the trimmings.

What better way to reflect your fashionista tendency then trimming your trees with fashion-ist trimmings?

Susan of it’s all about the details mentioned in the comment section that she got hers from Target. I’ll have to go to Target tomorrow and see if the one in Queen St Mall have it.

If you don’t have a Target store nearby, and still want the look…don’t fret! I’ve found another way to replicate the tree. It won’t look exactly the same but it will have the same feel (hopefully!).

Take a look at this Cards and Crafts catalog, on Fashion& Shoe Charms. Don’t they already give you ideas? If you can’t find a fashion specific Christmas trimmings, use charms!

Red Rhinestone Fashion Charm accessories Pink Cowboy Boots CharmLarge Sparkly Rhinestone Strappy Shoe Charm


And I just love this crown charms!

Crown crown2 crown3 crown4

I’m not sure if my man will be too happy about having a femininely decorated Christmas tree though. So I’ll have to get a few of those manly decorations too. Sports charms, cars, naughty babes and all that jazz.

balls vegascards

The prices for Cards and Crafts products are quoted in Euro. For some of us, that might be a bit pricey. Besides, they are really small, measuring at 21-24mm and 12-23mm.

Alternatively, you can head to your nearest craft store, scrapbook store and costume jewellery store to find substitutes for this products.

You get the idea now? Even if you’re not into fashion…let’s say you’re a sports kind of person. Same thing: head to your nearest craft and scrapbook stores. There are lots of materials you can peruse to decorate Christmas tree, even if they were not meant to be Christmas tree trimmings. Hey, it’s your tree–make it truly yours!

Just don’t forget your usual Christmas baubles though. A tree isn’t a Christmas tree without some Christmas symbolism trimmings on it. While you’re trying to assert your individuality into your tree, remember what Christmas are really about and pay due homage to what is. 🙂