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I Heart…Juicy Couture Bags
December 5, 2007

Forgive me my pink love. I’m one of those sick weirdos who swoons at pink stuffs, even though I’m not necessarily girly. I just think pink is one of the better pastel shades…and my favourite colour is red!

So for this blog’s virgin entry…

Juicy Couture Website Screenshot

Any surprise that Juicy Couture is one of my favourite brand to stalk? A majority of their products are in pink or red shades. Just look at the website!

What ultimately sold me was really their logo:

Juicy Couture Logo

I’m in love with crest-and-coat-of-arms style logos. Don’t ask me why, I’m not sure myself. I’m also enamoured with my boyfriend’s back…he has his family crest and coat of arms tattoed on his entire back. There are other things on his backside that I’m enamoured with too but that is a different story.

Looking through their handbag collection makes me go into a deep, depression mode. This is one of the times I wish I have loads of cash to blow. 😛

Velour Bowler Bag



This Velour Bowler bag, at $165. I already have a bowler bag in soft blue, not from Juicy Couture though. Perfect for some casual but posh outfit.



Baby Fluffy Patent Leather Hobo Baby Fluffy Patent Leather Hobo, at $295. This one would be great for a all-black ensemble. The contrast would be good. Or bring it to work, in your working clothes! 😀



Baby Scottie Leather Satchel



Baby Scottie Leather Satchel, $275. Good casual wear dates! I’d even tot this for everyday window shopping trip.




Baby Fluffy Velour Bag Baby Fluffy Velour Bag in grafitti

I’d be happy to have both of this for anything and everyday use! Baby Fluffy Velour Bag (left) and Baby Fluffy Velour bag in grafitti (right), both for $180.